Lighting Pole LG14

Lighting Pole LG14

  • Lighting public traffic streets,  internal road, factories, warehouses....etc…..
  • The calculated desigened pole can be born wind pressure of 125daN/m2 (wind speed of 45 m/s). For the more complicated landform and windy area, the pole will be calculated designed according to requests of customers.
  • Designing and manufacturing under the standard of British BS 5649 and standard of EN40 (European standard)
  • The materials, used for manufacturing pole, suitable for the standard of Viet Nam, re-tested by Directorate for Standards and Quality & Testing center 3
  • For the pole with the height below 12m is welded one generating line and along the length of pole by submerged arc welder (without horizontal weld of pole-body).
  • In oder to avoid being inoxible, the pole is protected by hot-dip galvanization with the thickness of zine coating of > 60 µm (for the pole with the thickness of steel from 3 – 5mm) under the standards of BS 729, ASTM  A123.
  • Installed on the reinforced concrete-foundation and anchored by anchor bolts.

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